One of the best things about fashion is the tactility of it. As consumers of clothes we choose what our skin comes in contact with, we get to touch everything. A textile can completely change garments, the color, the texture, the shapes it can create. The main inspiration for this project was picture of the inners of a tree that was cut down. The final outcome was to take the old technique of knitting and incorporating it with up-cycling wood. I had the chance to use the laser cutter to cut out and etch the wood pieces I incorporated. When creating these pieces I had this sense that they can change the shape of a garment. Today their are designers who are 3-D printing textiles and creating garments with the most abstract beautiful shapes. With the right mathematics taking the recycled wood and the use of the laser cutter and knitting. We can create very abstract sculptural clothes with the wood and the knit. Changing what we think a sweater is or what a sweater could be. Changing what we think embellishment could be. Showing how the laser cutting machine can be a part of a garment construction. These samples are also very important to me when it comes to creating garments. Everything used in for these samples are all natural