This project is heavily research based, focused on looking the traditional fashion system and pulling it apart. The main inspiration came from looking at the decrease in the bee population where I asked: Can we re-populate the bees though fashion and its system? My first action was taking apart a fast fashion t-shirt where I learned its construction and studied different companies operations and ethics. From there I started making my own t-shirts- but looking at them in the context of longevity. I experimented with beeswax in seams, patches in large functional design pattern pieces, and the way a garment would be taken care of.  I then mapped out a garments life, trying to configure where a garment goes once its life with its owner is over. After this I started thinking about two things, creating a universal garment with attachable and detachable pieces for people to operate with when bees are in their space and secondly, how can I tell a story about the garment and its ethics and importance. I then designed and created a "new" t-shirt with these operations, and then started to design two care tags to go into that garment that creates statements. Statements that depicted the story of why the garment is important and why bees are important and what we can do to help them. After this, I started thinking about other garments I could use with this system of attachable and detachable pieces for comfort around bees. But also taking into consideration the textile, plant diversity, and new systems these garments create.