Explorations in Wool

In my years of intense research in hydroponic systems I have come across a load of artificial and toxic materials that I have deeply explored moving away from. Wool is an amazing fiber- a protien based fiber that has a multitude of applications.

Through my research I have found that plants with basic root structures like micro greens and grasses love wool. The protein fiber has body for them to grow in and the fiber has rich nutrients in which the plants can thrive off of. This rug is the beginning of my research with wool and growing- showcasing hand spun yarn with seeds implanted in it, wool roving and yarns hand tufted, and wool felting.

IMG_3749 2.JPG

3-D Printing Textiles

This exportation started with my fascination of nature, and all of the beauty that comes from it. Through months of explorations I created a 6 way stretch 3-d printed textile that is designed with the seed of life sacred geometry.