Yarn #1 progress.


After analyzing this growth stage, I found that one of the biggest experiments took on a mind of its own. Growing in the form of the jar.

I want to look at humans and nature what is the connection when we touch plants.

Yarn #2

When thinking about yarn and roots, We go back to yarn! From scratch!

Can I create a yarn that could grow?

Merino Wool- from Nazareth Artisan Studio in Nazareth PA.

Spicy Microgreen Mix - Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Yarn #1 prototype No.2

Looking into more fibers, what fibers are best for growing?

Day number 4 Results :

Yarn #1

In my past work with plants I have always grown swatches on flat surfaces where the roots grow into a nice bottom layer all feeding into themselves.

I decided that the coming together of both roots and yarn would be grown vertically, so the first experiment starts.

I knit a small sleeves that I filled with seeds.

Yarn- 100% Wool

Seeds- Wheatgrass- Whole Foods (Hard Red Winter Wheat Berries)

Research “The Hidden Life of Trees”

After analyzing and thinking about my memory I realized that the most amazing thing that came from this memory, is that everything in that most was there to produce something. 

The trees- shade, oxygen. 

The plants- pollen for the bees.

The soil- nutrients for the plants  

The bees- food. 

After coming to this I did a reading on the roots of trees “The Hidden Life of Trees.” 

Here I learned that we can learn so much from trees, they are wise, they are giving to each other, and they are masters of analyzing their resources and working with what they have.  

I am starting to think.  

If roots are the way trees and other plants communicate with each other, yarn is what textile makers use to communicate. If these came together what would that look like?



The most inspiring moment I have had as a maker came from an experience I had in Denmark summer 2016.

I was with dear friends in Denmark exploring, where we came upon this field of yellow, as the field itself was calling us to come. As I walked through the long stalks that came up to my shoulder I came to a small rough lane in the middle. We I closed my eyes I felt the ground below me and I could hear the beautiful song of humming- humming of bees inches away at work.

When I opened my eyes you saw a see of yellow, mellow greens and the bright blue sky. 

When I left that moment I felt as if I had lived a spiritual moment beyond description. I left feeling that the bees were thriving, the plants, the soil were thriving, and I was thriving in a way like any other. 

This moment is what I work towards as a maker.